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Champ de Bataille de Waterloo- Butte du Lion

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A memorable ascent and the best views on the battlefield preserved. From the top of the hill, you can contemplate the vast theater of the last battle of Napoleon, who presided over the destinies of European nations.

A tour featuring a new film, 3D models, images of the Reconstruction of June 18, 1815, comments and historical evidence to better understand the history of this battle.

"Waterloo by night": the Lion Hamlet for a privatized host your event in the evening.

The Bivouac The Emperor and the Panorama are available to you for a cocktail which will close in style visiting privilege.

Grading :
4 sun(s)
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  • Type of infrastructure
    • Events venues
      • Historic residence
      • Museum
  • French
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  • Monsieur Fabrice Lekim

    Route du Lion 1815
    1420 Braine-l'Alleud (Braine-l'Alleud)
  • Phone : +3223851912
  • Route du Lion n° 1815, 1410 Waterloo (Waterloo) - Brabant wallon