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By public transport

The red and yellow buses that bring you to Waterloo are managed by the company called “TEC” (

You can get to Waterloo (and to the Battlefield) by bus from Brussels without changing transport system or connection. The bus trip will often take longer than one on the train depending on the traffic situation but in approximately 50 minutes you will find yourself in the centre of Waterloo, in front of the Wellington museum and of the Tourist Office.

The 1 day Horizon ticket allows you to travel freely with no time limit and on the whole TEC network for one day.

With this ticket, available to buy from the bus driver for 8.30€, you will be able to travel to the centre of Waterloo and the battlefield from Brussels, and then, return to your departure point.

For small trips (between the centre of Waterloo and the Battlefield), the 1 trip, “Next” ticket costs 2.50€ (valid 60 minutes) and the 1 day Next ticket costs 4.40€. If you are coming as a small group the “Multiflex” ticket including 12 Next trips or 6 Horizon trips for 14.10€ is more advantageous.

Please see our access plan to Waterloo 1815 by bus

Two bus lines pass through Waterloo:

the W bus: Brussels (Midi station/avenue Fonsny) –> Braine-l’Alleud (station)

Ligne de bus W

From Midi station, the W bus stop is on avenue Fonsny in front of the Ibis hotel.

  • Bus stop for the Tourist Office = “Waterloo Eglise”.
  • Bus stop for the Battlefield = “Route de Nivelles”.

Duration of trip:

  • Brussels - Centre of Waterloo: 50 minutes.
  • Centre of Waterloo – Battlefield: 10 minutes.
    Cross the route de Nivelles and after approximately a 10 minute walk, on the route du Lion, you will arrive at the Lion’s Mound.

Outside of peak hours, the frequency of buses at the “Waterloo Eglise” stop (centre of Waterloo) is of 2 per hour.

The 365 bus: Bruxelles (Midi station/avenue Fonsny) –> Charleroi

Ligne de bus 365

Stops: Brussels (Midi station) – Waterloo Eglise – Musée du Caillou (Napoleon’s Last Headquarters) - Charleroi.

The 365 bus stop is situated on avenue Fonsny in front of the Ibis hotel.

Duration of trip:

  • From Brussels to Waterloo Eglise (or, the centre of Waterloo): 50 minutes.
  • From Waterloo Eglise to the Battlefield (Memorial 1815): 10 minutes.
    The bus stop for the Memorial 1815 is called “Monument Gordon”. You will have to walk along route du Lion for approximately 10 minutes and then you will find the Lion’s Mound on your left.

Be Careful! This bus is not very frequent and stops at Waterloo Eglise (or the centre of Waterloo) once every 2 hours.

The 365 bus is the only one that can take you in 5 minutes from the Battlefield (“Monument Gordon” stop) to Napoleon’s Last Headquarters (“Musée du Caillou” stop).